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My husband and I used to love soda and energy drinks.  My go-to was diet coke and his was Red Bull.  About a year ago, we both decided to completely cut out the crappy drinks and drink more water.   I can’t stand the taste of soda anymore.  Really.  It’s so sweet and artificial tasting. I found it super easy to transition over to water-based drinks because there are so many healthy ways to make a delicious water!  Once we discovered the magic of a soda stream, we got hooked on carbonated water.  It instantly transforms flat water into fresh, bubbly water.  From there, we add things like fruits and even veggies to really make our drinks exciting. Our favorite drink is carbonated water flavored with fresh lemons, mint and mashed up blackberries.  Oh, yum!

Did you know that the human body is about 60% water and our blood is about 90% water?  It’s no wonder that for our cells and organs to function properly, we need water.

When we are low on fluids because of exercise, sweat, high altitude, or from simply breathing, the body’s thirst mechanism kicks in which tells us we need to hydrate.  Dehydration, even mild can drain your energy and make you tired.  What better way to quench that thirst and boost your energy than by drinking refreshing water?

8 Reasons Why You Need To Drink More Water

Here are 8 Reasons You Need To Drink More Water

1. Beautiful Skin

Water helps keep the skin healthy and looking good.  Your skin is an organ made up of cells and like any other cell in the body, they are made up of water.  If your skin is not getting a sufficient amount of water, your skin may become dry causing less resilience and proneness to wrinkling and even skin disorders.  That’s not to say that if you drink water you will never develop wrinkles but keeping hydrated will help maintain healthy skin.

2. Cut Calories

Water may help control calorie intake.  When we think of water intake, we usually think of drinking it by the glass or bottle, but water intake also comes in the form of other fluids and food.  One popular beverage that is consumed often is sparkling or carbonated water.  This too can count as water intake as the bubbly stuff is simply water with carbonation.  As long as it doesn’t have added sodium it, just like water, is sugar and caffeine free.  You can easily buy sparkling water in the store or make your own and save $$$ with a soda stream.

My favorite all-natural bubbly water:

Water is the most popular drink however, soda follows not too far behind.  So if you choose to substitute water for soda or any other caloric drink, such as juice, you will decrease calorie intake.  Drinking a glass of water or eating foods that have a higher water content such as watermelon, cucumbers, and spinach are not only healthy to eat but may help stop those annoying hunger pangs.

Watermelon is one of the most hydrating foods you can eat!

3. Happy Muscles

Water helps keep our muscles in check.  Drinking water is important when exercising.  Without proper hydration, the body loses electrolytes through sweat which can result in muscle fatigue.  Drinking fluids before, during and after exercising is important.

4.  A Balanced Body Is A Happy Body

Water maintains the balance of body fluids such as saliva and mucus which help us digest our food and keeps our mouth, nose, and eyes moist.  In addition, these bodily fluids help transport nutrients throughout your body and helps maintain body temperature.

5.   Water Is Essential For Your Digestive System

In order for our bowels to function properly, water is needed to avoid constipation and an overly acidic stomach.  These conditions can lead to heartburn and stomach ulcers.

6.  Joint Pain

Water helps the joints’ shock-absorbing ability by lubricating and cushioning the joints and discs of the spine.  A lack of shock-absorbing ability may lead to joint pain.

7. Kidney Health

Water flushes body waste and helps keep you and your kidneys healthy.  The kidneys essentially cleanse and rid your body of toxins.  But in order to do this, you need to maintain an adequate intake of fluids.  Urine color says a lot about your hydration level.  Generally, the lighter the color, the more hydrated you are.

8. Brain Health

Without adequate amounts of water, brain function decreases.  Staying hydrated improves memory, concentration, and cognitive skills.  So, stay hydrated and boost your brain function!

8 Reasons Why You Need To Drink More WaterHow Much Water Should We Consume Daily?

The amount of water intake whether it be plain water, with a slice of lemon, or in the form of other liquids or food, is important and essential to our health.  For years the recommendation has been to drink eight glasses of water a day.  Although there is no scientific evidence to support this, it is considered more of a guideline.

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Of course, there are other factors to consider including how active you are, your health, where you live, your weight, and even your age.  For instance, if you are sick with a fever or have diarrhea, it’s important to drink plenty of water due to the fact that you are losing water during these illnesses.  If you sweat a lot due to physical activity or hot weather, drinking water is essential.

A basic guideline for water intake is to tune into your body’s signal for water and how well you feel with the amount you consume.  It is essential to know your body because the one thing you absolutely must avoid is dehydration.

Signs Of Dehydration

Dehydration occurs when your body doesn’t have enough water and other fluids to carry out its normal functions.  You can have mild, moderate, or severe dehydration depending on the amount of fluid loss.

Here are the signs and symptoms of mild to moderate dehydration:

  • Thirst
  • Dry Mouth And Throat
  • Infrequent Urination Or Dark Yellow Urine
  • Muscle Cramps Due To A Loss Of Sodium Or Potassium
  • Constipation
  • Headache

Signs and symptoms of severe dehydration that need to be treated immediately:

  • Sudden Lightheadedness Or Fainting Due To A Drop In Blood Pressure
  • Increase In Heart Rate Due To A Decrease In Electrolytes
  • Rapid Breathing
  • Very Dry Skin
  • Stop Producing Tears
  • Fatigue, Confusion, Or Irritability
  • Very Dry Throat And Mouth And/Or Sticky Tongue
  • Not Urinating Or Dark Yellow Urine

The Bottom Line

Overall, water is essential to your health and well-being.  If taken seriously on a daily basis, your body will reap the benefits.  So go ahead, grab your water bottle and start hydrating.  Your body will thank you!


Join us in the “Daily Ahh Challenge!”  Keep track of what you drink for one week by writing it down in a journal.  Are you choosing water as your main drink? If not, try swapping out one drink per day with water.  Those daily small changes make a big impact. xx